Bitbox Games is a video game publishing company with a unique vision and goal: help small developers to achieve their dreams. With several years of experience publishing games we want to offer our guidance, help and support to small or newbie game developers that doesn’t know what to do when they have a good project for a game, need help developing it or doesn’t know what to do with their game when it is finished. If you are a developer and need help with your game CONTACT US!


Scourge: Outbreak
PlayStation3 / Steam / XBLA
Mr. Odjo
Android / iOS / WIndows Phone
Bloxland Story
Android / iOS / WIndows Phone
Scourge: Ambush
Android / iOS



We have experience publishing on all kind of platforms: Nintendo, XBOX, Play Sation, iOS, Android, PC, MAC, etc. 


We don’t only publish games, we also develop them. Need help developing yours? 


First time facing a game development process or release? We can help you solve the problems